Running Horde for the first time.

When you run Horde for the first time, you will be redirected to the front page of Horde, click on Mail at the top of the page. You will be redirected to your inbox; click on Options to configure Horde. In the User Options page, there are three tables; Your Information, Mail Management and Other Options. Click on Personal Information under Your Information and click on Edit your identities. The page has numerous fields explained below:

  • Your identities: Select your identity.
  • Identity’s name: Enter the name of the identity.
  • Your full name: Enter the name that will appear as sender when you send an email.
  • Your from: address: Enter your email address in this field.
  • Your Reply-to: address (optional): The email address your recipients will reply to, if different from your ‘From:’ address.
  • Your signature: Enter your signature, if you wish to use one.
  • The three check boxes are pretty much self-explaining; check the first one if you wish to precede your signature with dashes, check the second box if you wish to place your signature when replying and forwarding emails and check the third box if you wish to save sent mail, and if so, select the folder where sent mail shall be saved in the list below.
Click on the Create button. The page should refresh with The identity "name here” has been saved.

Congratulations, you have successfully saved your identity!

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