Running NeoMail for the first time.

When you run NeoMail for the first time, you will be presented a window titled WELCOME TO NEOMAIL!; click on Continue. You are presented a table with numerous fields explained below:

  • Language: Select your preferred language for NeoMail.
  • Real Name: Enter the name that will appear as sender when you send an email.
  • From: The email address that will appear as sender when you send an email.
  • Reply-to: The email address your recipients will reply to.
  • Style: Select the style of the NeoMail template you wish to use.
  • Default Sort: Select the way you wish messages to be sorted in your inbox.
  • Messages per page: Select the number of messages you wish to be viewed per page.
  • Default headers: Select the headers you prefer to be included with each incoming messages.
  • Signature: Enter you signature, if you wish to use one.
Click on Save. If the data was successfully saved, you will be redirected to a page titled PREFERENCES SAVED, click on Continue.

Watch the Flash Tutorial!

Congratulations, you are now ready to use NeoMail!

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